Have A Nice Read! #4

Good afternoon Wonderful Listeners! 😀

It’s Friday, once again, as it always tends to come around after Thursday. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now but in case you haven’t picked up on my pattern, I’ve got some more posts for you guys to read!  Continue reading

My dream world

Here’s some food for thought guys! As simple as it is, it’s just marvelous when you re-read it a second time! Promise!

being woke

In my dream world the word equality will cease to exist. No child will be born with any more advantage than another. We will be proud of our differences – in culture, identify and skills. The goals you have will be truly limited by yourself – nothing or no one else.

This was the start of an application for a course where I had to talk about my dream world. But my friend told me it is too generic to include. So I thought I’d share it on here instead.

Generic I may be – but does that mean everyone has the same dream? And if so – why we not there yet?

Because of the 1% that own 99%. But why don’t we just ignore the 1% and takeover? Because they teach us to hate each over, keep us hungry and uneducated and make us want to be like…

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