F.T.A.I.M.—Exhibition: “Things That Last”

This is the first For the Artist in Me post, and unsurprisingly, I’m focusing on my latest project entitled Things That Last. This project is the work that I completed for my exiting semester of my bachelor’s degree (a.k.a my thesis work.)

Things That Last is an autobiographical book project consisting of illustrative photographs and short stories. The work was designed to be presented solely as a book; however, it has been formated for portfolio presentation too in order to present the general idea of the project (which you will see below as well.)

Without further ado, please enjoy into the work. Specifications for the artworks themselves are located underneath the presented work. All additional information (commentary, notes, statements, etc.) is located on the next page of this post.

Print sizes: 11×14 in
Medium: Archival Inkjet Paper

Things That Last_Preview

Print size: 8.5×11 in
Medium: Book
Page count: 134

Is It Egotism, Vanity, Or Self-Discovery?

Hello…Wonderful Listeners.

Today has been a rather compressed day. When I say that, I just mean that time flew by today and I didn’t have much perception of it. Regardless, there is something that I have been thinking about and I do want to talk about it (although I’m not sure how much you guys will want to reciprocate conversation.)

See, I’ve been thinking about myself a lot lately. I’m always asking myself why I’m so interested in myself, my psyche, my physicality. I’m asking myself a lot if it’s a matter of simply wanting to grow or if its egotism/vanity. The side of me very much interested in other people would like to believe that it’s certainly not vanity/egotism.

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Some Notes On People-Watching (Part 2)

Welcome Back Wonderful Listeners!

Picking up from where I left off last time, there’s more to people-watching when time is no longer a concern. Once that short window of mere seconds is obliterate and time stops existing, another realm is entered in the people-watching world.

This is usually the point of the sport where you aren’t sporting your ability but rather become a passive viewer of sorts. You usually stick with one person or group of people, for an extended period of time.

Take for example a day at the park. You’re lounging on the grass and you see another individual who has caught your attention from afar. You are at a safe distance where you are quite aware that your presence isn’t at the forefront, and so you are able to really take in that person.

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Under New Management For The Better!

Hi Wonderful Listeners.

Hmm. Have you all been good? I do hope you’ve been good. I know I sure have been good; well, I at least feel like my life has significantly changed in a good way. I’m thankful for all that has happened anyway.

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