Timeless Thoughts

Below you will find those thoughts that are legendary. They all have their own individual reasons for being iconic but they are the ones, if you don’t read anything else, you should read. Go ahead and take a gander. Classics never go out of style!

No Skipping Any Pages: A Diary Documenting Things That Matter

21-Year-Old Is Overwhelmed, 21-Year-Old Is Working Things Out

Fantasies, Feels, And Friends…

A Handsome Guy Who’s Not Mine…

When A Crush Evolves…

Zero To Hero: My Fashion Journey Thus Far

“Coming Out” To Mom & Dad…

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Pieces of Me: A History That Shapes The Present

Sexuality, Acceptance and The Middle

The Origin of the Pineapple

Blogging101: Who’s Your Audience?