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So what is  the deal with this blog? It was birthed in the autumn month of November in 2014 and it’s been growing on its own ever since. While it is still a young blog, it has spunk nonetheless. Plus, it’s the personal space of its creator, Carlos.

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It was originally set up to be an online diary where he could come and write out his feelings about whatever was on his mind. However, it has evolved from being a simple diary to a journal that includes real life topics, creative writing, art and other stuff!

Rather than being a place to hear someone’s story, this blog is a place to experience someone’s soul. All of the content produced is original, colorful, and unlimited! You can expect to find stories to get attached to, life moments to relate with and art to gape at. Seriously, gaping isn’t done enough.

It is highly facilitated by user interaction so comments and ratings are encouraged tremendously. There’s also a charming quirkiness to it. With the recurring Pineapple, a storyteller who makes the mundane extraordinary, and prompting questions, there’s always a sense of distinctness and community.

If you’re unsure about where to start exploring, why not start on the Tasty Treasures page? You’ll find classic posts, some popular articles, and even a few under-appreciated bouts of craziness.

Just remember one thing: it’s always a friendly place to be, in the realm of the Pineapple!

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