What To Expect

Welcome to the What To Expect page!

This page is designed to give you a simple outline on what to expect and encounter on this blog. It lists out the days of the week and what blog features, as well as some other things, are posted on which days.

I’d like to quickly admit that you should be open to anything. Why? Because I’m rather spontaneous! However, I know there are some people who like structure of some kind, so this page was built with you in mind!

Have a look at the typical weekly outline located below. Please remember that this outline is subject to change/edits. It is wise to check back here periodically to see if anything has changed.


Weekly Outline

Monday— Reserved for Metaphysical Monday & For the Artist in Me posts.

Tuesday— Open

Wednesday— Reserved for Writing Wednesday posts.

Thursday— Open

Friday— Reserved for community related posts (reblogs, guest posts, award acceptations, shout-outs, etc.)

Saturday— Open

Sunday— Open

** All days are subject to override by diary entries, personal stories, as well as specific challenges and community events. Remember this is an outline, and not a guideline. **